Record stores around the world

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Record stores around the world

Post by JAM on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:03 pm

Prompted by an exchange on the "Does it matter who produced the album?" thread, I think it would be great to have a thread here where people can mention their favorite record stores around the world (physical brick-and-mortar retail stores, not online shops).  We all travel for pleasure and business, and it's nice to have a handy reference guide to decent shops in various locations.

(BTW, this exists and is relatively useful but doesn't describe the stores (enter city name in the search field):

I'm in the NYC area, and like everywhere else our record store options have dwindled considerably.  Other Music ( is still the go-to place, although the space they devote to HC-friendly artists has shrunk over the years.  On the plus side, they offer used CDs (nice to buy cheap and have a place to sell your used stuff if need be) and expanded their vinyl stock, if that's your thing.

Elsewhere in the area, Rough Trade in Williamsburg is now the only large store with decent selection of independent labels (again, lots of vinyl).  Academy Records ( has a small used CD store in the Flatiron District that has lots of jazz and classical, and a big used vinyl store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (  

Sadly, there isn't a lot beyond that (maybe Tunes across the Hudson in Hoboken!  Wink )

I have relatives in England and get over there once or twice a year, always try to swing through Soho for: Sounds of the Universe ( , the folks who run the Soul Jazz label), Phonica ( ,for dance music, a DJ store with lots of 12"s but also a good selection of CDs) and Sister Ray (

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Re: Record stores around the world

Post by HC on Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:32 am

This is a great topic, JAM! Thanks for starting it!

I'm also based in NYC, and you have already mentioned my #1 stop Other Music. I tend to avoid spending time there, otherwise I drop over $100 per visit! I have a feeling I'll be visiting the place this weekend anyway!

I also like Rough Trade and Academy Records. Tunes is getting very "dusty" (I once picked up a used CD in there which I myself sold back to the store in 1995 - true story!).

Before FourSquare (the iPhone app) began to suck, I made a very nice list of New York City Record Shops with photos and short descriptions that people could follow. I share it with you once more here.

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Re: Record stores around the world

Post by JAM on Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:09 am

Thanks for the FS links, HC.  Sadly, so many of those places don't exist anymore.  

Love the photos, made me sad to see the inside of Mondo Kim's again, can't even begin to tell you how many hours and thousands of dollars I spent in there over the years.  I never spent a lot of time in Rebel Rebel, too crowded and a little off my tastes.  And no small irony that there isn't one person in your photo of St. Mark's Sounds, they were a key place in the 80s/early 90s and then really lost the plot.    

Silly me, how could I have forgotten Turntable Lab!  Good small store for dance vinyl, a decent (but small) cd section with dance/latin/reggae releases and mixtape CD-Rs, and audio/DJ gear.   (

BTW, goes without saying that any visit to San Francisco or Los Angeles requires a trip to the Amoeba Music mega-store in each city (

And a San Francisco trip also must include a stop at Aquarius (

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Re: Record stores around the world

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