Quicksand Project - Composure

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Quicksand Project - Composure

Post by Quicksand227 on Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:20 am


I'd like to introduce you to the music that I release under the name Quicksand Project.

My name is Jonas Schweiger and I make introspective, instrumental music made up from experimenting with layering and live-looping multiple guitar tracks. With this framework, I wrote and recorded the album "Loops" (2009), which was based mainly on improvisation. On the following two albums (from 2010 and 2012), I further developed my approach and incorporated a broader sound palette.
My just-released fourth album "Composure" reflects everything that has influenced, captivated or enraged me during the last two years and features both some of the harshest and pleasant sounds in my music to date. I'm very proud of how the album turned out.

You can stream the album on my Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages and/or order the digital download or one of the limited CDs through Bandcamp.
As with my previous albums, the CD version comes in handmade digipaks that I assembled over the last couple of weeks. The digipak looks like this.

I hope you like it!

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