Siavash Amini Mix

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Siavash Amini Mix

Post by futuresequence on Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:30 am

To celebrate the preorder of his new album Siavash Amini put together this mix, posted this week.


1- Alfred Schnittke : Requiem-Sanctus
2- Jasper TX: A new language
3- Tim Hecker: I`m transmitting tonight
4- Rafael Anton Irrisari : Her Rituals
5- Zbigniew Preisner : Decalogue III - III
6- Hecq ; Above
7- Umchunga: Curves
8- Tim Hecker: Currents of electrostasy
9- The Caretaker: Haunting me
10- Zbigniew Preisner Decalogue II - II
11- Arvo Part: De profundis
12- 36 : Ofelia

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