Getting back to the noise

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Getting back to the noise

Post by soillodge on Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:02 pm

As a summary, basically I feel that noise and dissonance was seen as "undesirable", by record producers during the reign of the traditional music industry. There were so many articles, tips, and tricks on how to remove noise from your recordings and achieve "perfection". So we gained a seamless crystal clear representation, polished and designed to appease the mass like so many photoshopped models and actors. But what did we lose in the process?

Apparently we lost a lot, because now that indie music has taken so much more of the forefront in general music circles, we are finding the noise, and imperfections much more apparent and often even emphasized in modern recordings. Things like cut-off samples, breath noise, edits and cuts, droning sounds and gritty ambiance are being showcased. There is about as much distortion and overdrive used in modern dubstep and techno as there ever was in heavy metal music. Artists are using more temperamental analog gear and tape dubbing techniques now than they did in the 70's and 80's. Sampling and field recording in your productions is huge now.

So I do not really have a question or anything, I am just curious if anyone else had this observation and if you have an opinion on it?


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