"While The Red Fish Sleeps" by Ben Fleury-Steiner (Soft Corridor)

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"While The Red Fish Sleeps" by Ben Fleury-Steiner (Soft Corridor)

Post by softcorridor on Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:26 am

Hello everyone.
We are proud and happy to announce that on February 16 we will release our ninth edition:
the new album of Ben Fleury-Steiner : While The Red Fish Sleeps.
Pre-orders are already open on our Bandcamp page.

Just under the surface I shall be, all together at first, then separate, and drift through all the earth and perhaps in the end through a cliff into the sea, something of me
Samuel Beckett, From an Abandoned Work, 1957

Ben Fleury-Steiner is an American sound artist born in 1970. He has released mostly anodized and a single vinyl works on the likes of Rural Colours, Low-Point, Infraction, Gears of Sand, Mystery Sea, taâlem, Umbra, Hypnos Secret Sounds, 905 Tapes, Peasant Magik, Crucial Bliss, Reverb Worship, Lo Bango Sound as well as numerous net labels. He is an unabashed moody experimentalist drawn especially to flows between hypnotic micro-sounds and vast aural wholes (e.g., opportunities for deep listening).

Ben Fleury-Steiner about “While The Red Fish Sleeps” :
This work picks up from where my last work Clearings (Rural Colours) left off but is a much more explicit embrace of the surreal. Rather than just sounds as abstract place constructions alone, I returned more consciously to oceanic sounds recalled from sense impressions and memory fragments. At some point I found myself very interested in something I did a lot in the past–namely allowing for a kind of soundtrack to emerge. I like that the listener is both passive and perhaps curious in a way that might evoke emotions and memories of their own. If I were to choose particular influences I would summarize in this way: What if Tarkovsky and Malick co-directed a remake of The Old Man and the Sea and Nurse with Wound an Alio Die were cast in sonic drag as Santiago. All kidding aside, I feel like this is the most realized of my works to date.

The Limited CD Edition (100 copies)
The CD-r comes in a 4-panel digifile with cover photography by Julien Lambrechts / Professionally duplicated CD-R / Edition of 100 copies.

All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Ben Fleury-Steiner
Mastered by Fraser McGowan (aka Caught In the Wake Forever)
Photography & design by Julien Lambrechts

PRE-ORDER NOW (Physical & Digital)

All the best.
Julien (Soft Corridor)

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