Songdrop Mix: Monochrome Twilight

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Songdrop Mix: Monochrome Twilight

Post by StationaryTravels on Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:59 am

Songdrop is a really interesting new service that allows you to synthesize mixes aggregated from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and Vimeo links.  I use it mainly to compile monthly collections of the tracks I feature on my Stationary Travels timeline, but occasionally I create these "day trips" which are meant to be listened to as a continuous stream.

Monochrome Twilight is a collection of treated piano, modern classical, and electroacoustic ambient for the quiet hours.


Christoph Berg | Poems Written By An Old (Prepared) Piano
Stray Theories | Divisions
Moshimoss | Koln Concern Part 1 (Moshimoss remix)
Bruno Sanfilippo | The Movement of the Grass
Black Elk (Quartet) | Sparks
Kate Carr | The Last Days of Winter
Pleq | Ben Lukas Boysen - Only In the Dark (Pleq remix)
Noveller & thisquietarmy | Reverie I
Lucy Claire | Somnus feat. Bruised Skies

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