Colours of the Water

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Colours of the Water

Post by snobo on Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:03 pm

This is a redux studio version of a mix I played live @ Watercolours festival in Riga, Latvia on 06.09.2014, which I have recorded and wanted to share but Soundcloud banned it for copyright reasons, so it ended up on Mixcloud only. Still, I kept thinking of finding a way to make it available on Soundcloud, but a straightforward edit wasn't an option because taking the suppressed track out would ruin the dramaturgy of the mix; and actually, I was already considering reshaping the live take into a more refined studio version. So here it is: meticulously constructed, multi-layered assemblage that still takes cues from momentary impulses of a live performance. I think it's one of the cases when an obstacle forces you to improve and achieve even better results than you originally were aiming for.

The work of the following artists have been used in this recording: Taylor Deupree, Orla Wren, Kate Carr, Richard Ginns, Marcus Fischer, The OO-Ray, Melodia, Opitope, Janek Schaefer, Stephen Vitiello, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andrew Weathers, Twincities, Jan Bang & Tuule Kann, Rothko, Ghost and Tape, Peter & Steven Broderick.

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