Brinstaar (Kotä Records) - live in Riga

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Brinstaar (Kotä Records) - live in Riga

Post by snobo on Fri Sep 26, 2014 7:52 pm

Brinstaar is a project of a Moscow-based artist, musician and designer Mikhail Myasoedov. Started at 2006 Brinstaar prefers spontaneous and improvisational approach when working on tracks or playing live performance. Moreover, Brinstaar is known as a co-founder of young russian label Kotä, focused on discovering new borders of avant-garde music.

This is a recording of Brinstaar's live PA in my home town Riga, Latvia at the amazing night of the annual audio-visual festival Space Textures on 06.09.2014. During 45-minute performance, Brinstaar circulated between modular synthesizer, 16-channel mixer, electronic drum setup, synth, laptop and used chinese flute and freshly made field recordings, including those of the impressive Riga Dome Church organ. I must say it is perhaps the most thrilling and jaw-dropping performance I have witnessed in recent years.

The show took place in the huge and awesomely looking, recently built National Library of Latvia, with huge projections of continuously morphing fractals displayed all over (here's the Facebook photo gallery from the event). This is the video version of the same recording coupled with those fractals:

Brinstaar live + video art at SpaceTextures VIII, Riga, Latvia from Kotä Records on Vimeo.

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Re: Brinstaar (Kotä Records) - live in Riga

Post by antonia on Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:21 pm

Wow! The visual work is beautiful! (music as well)

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