Eskmo and Willits on

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Eskmo and Willits on

Post by HC on Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:37 am

Have you guys heard about I covered it on Headphone Commute last year:

And now it looks like the service is expanding to offering the 'drips' by artists, such as Christopher Willits and now Brendan Angelides, aka Eskmo!

Eskmo wrote:The ability to constantly create and share with you, while also nurturing our connection and discussions, is very important to me. That’s what makes Drip’s subscription service so exciting: I can deliver exclusive Eskmo music, field recordings, homemade videos, blog posts, photos, VIP passes, and more directly to your inbox each month. If you’ve enjoyed any of my past work, I think a membership to the Eskmo Drip will provide you with a truly unique and satisfying experience.

More here:

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